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We measure the effectiveness of our programmes so we know that they work for each young person we see.

But it's not just about the numbers. Everyday our mentors, parents/carers and school staff see for themselves the positive impact mentoring has on the lives of young people.

Did you know in 22/23 we supported 601 young people with 121 mentoring, delivering 4,620 mentoring hours? We also deliveered youth provision and group workshops to 200+ young people. 

Before mentoring young people described feeling hopeless, lost, confused, worried, anxious, angry and tired.
After mentoring young people described feeling hopeful, calmer, understood, positive, happier and energised.

We use two tools to monitor the effectiveness of mentoring programmes. The All About Me form is a numerical measure of progress made in 12 areas linked to our previous aims of Reducing Distress; Building Resilience and Achieving More. It uses questions from well-established tools like the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ).

84of young people felt that they had more positive ways of managing emotions such as anger, anxiety and stress.

77of young people felt better equipped to stick at things even when they felt they were struggling.

82% of young people showed increased motivation and improved attitude towards work.

We also ask young people to tell us what they liked most on the How Did It Go Form.

In response to the question What you would say to a friend who was offered mentoring? 96% of the responses were positive and 70% say "Go For It!".

Some of the other feedback feedback that we have consent* to share.

I have become more confident and happy with myself.
I can control my temper alot better.
I can prioritise my physical and mental health and am sleeping so much better.
Mentoring has helped me to talk about how I feel and make new friends.
I can look at things in different ways.
I can set goals and motivate myself to do things.
I accept myself as I am.

*We believe that a young person's story and their progress belongs to them. We always ask their consent to share what they tell us has made a difference. And the best person to talk about their experience of mentoring? Them.

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