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Lifespace Trust - We mentor young people to reduce stress, build resilience and achieve more

Our Services


We provide mentoring for children and young people to reduce distress, build resilience and enable them to achieve more. We create a safe time and confidential space for children and young people to explore the challenges they face, and what they want in life.

We work with primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, families, community groups and agencies in Warwickshire, in favour of positive well-being for young people. 


Mentoring is spending time with a young person - listening to them, offering support – it’s their journey, we just help them on their way. Mentoring gives young people the time and space to tell their story in a safe, non-judgemental, friendly relationship.

Young people feel heard and discover they matter. They begin to understand their own minds and bodies and the impact of their choices.



Growing up can be challenging and you may feel overwhelmed. We provide a safe space for you to talk, and reflect, about what’s on your mind. Knowing you’re not alone, your feelings are acknowledged, so you can see a way through the tough times.



You are already more resilient than you know. Together we discover what’s getting in your way, what’s holding you back. We help you consider your options, then support as you take steps to move forward. Overcoming setbacks boosts confidence and we know you can do it.



We explore your personal goals and together discuss how you might achieve them. With support from your mentor you see there are no limits to reaching your potential. You had the answer all along.


Many children and young people can find life challenging. There are so many reasons why a young person may benefit from an opportunity to ‘offload’ about things that trouble them:
  • friendship and social difficulties
  • exam stress
  • social media, bullying
  • tricky family relations
  • being a young carer or within the care system 
It may be hard for a child or young person to talk with family, friends or teachers, and that’s when we can help.  
Young people often tell us, when someone takes time to actively listen to them it really helps, and sometimes it’s all they need.  

However, we also know many mental health conditions first appear among children and young people. Our job is not to diagnose, but to spot the signs and symptoms that may indicate a need for additional support. 

The facts:
  • 50% of mental health issues are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24
  • 10 years is the average delay between a young person first displaying symptoms of mental ill health and getting help
  • 80% of young people say exam pressure has a big impact on their mental health
  • In an average classroom of thirty 15 year-olds, 10 are likely to have watched their parents separate, 7 are likely to have been bullied, 6 may be self-harming and 1 has experienced the death of a parent  

All our mentors are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid (accredited by MHFA England) so they can recognise and cope when:
  • a young person shows signs of developing mental ill health
  • a young person is in crisis 
  • a young person needs signposting to specialist help
  • self-help resources and more information could help a young person, and/or their family.


Schools may have in-house counsellors, and for some children and young people that’s the right approach for them. For others the idea of seeing a counsellor doesn’t feel right, but they would still like to talk with someone. That’s when a Lifespace mentor might be just the right fit.  

Our service is very versatile and we’re clear about where we align with other service providers, rather than overlap; offering an early, nimble, targeted and flexible response to the needs of children and young people. 

One place we may signpost children, young people and their families to, in order to access professional help and support is RISE.  

RISE is the name of emotional well-being and mental health services for children and young people in Coventry and Warwickshire.  On their website you’ll find out how to access professional support and we can help young people use some of the resources there, such as the ‘Dimensions’ tool www.cwrise.com.



If you work at a school and want to know more about our service, please contact us so we can tell you more and arrange a visit to discuss your specific needs.


If you’re the parent of a young person who you believe would benefit from mentoring, please contact us so we can discuss the best approach.  
We usually meet with young people in a school setting, during school hours, but we do have some alternative locations and times available.

Just give us a call, or get in touch, we’d love to help.


As our approach is so flexible, we can offer one-to-one mentoring to match your specific needs; with either our targeted mentoring packages or as individual sessions with regular reviews.

We’d be very happy to discuss your requirements so please contact us to talk about the most appropriate option.

Our Results

We measure the effectiveness of our mentoring, so we know it works.

Here are some examples of outcomes that Lifespace mentors are helping to create daily.

But it's not just about the numbers. Everyday our mentors see for themselves the positive impact mentoring has on the lives of children and young people - see some of our anonymised case studies and lots more good news here

Reduce Distress

of young people demonstrated improvements in positive ways of managing difficult emotions such as anger, worry and stress

Build Resilience

of young people got better at sticking at things even when they felt they were struggling

Achieve More

showed increased motivation and improved attitude towards work


  • "I cannot stress how important the work Lifespace does is: it literally changes all lives for the better and, for many people, is the one place they find solace and support"   Primary School, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • "I've learnt to believe in myself and stick at a task even if it is difficult"   male mentee

    "Accept that flaws don't matter and that I don't need to change to please people"   female mentee
  • "with the cuts in social care and the increase in pupils with complex family circumstances I do not know what we would do without the support of Lifespace"   Special needs school, Warwickshire
  • "Lifespace provide invaluable and irreplaceable support to our young people"   Secondary School, Warwickshire

    "Mentoring has helped me achieve my goals by having someone I could talk to who would listen to me"   female mentee

Our Supporters

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