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24 Jun 2019
Stratford Inner Wheel Club sponsoring two Lifespace volunteer mentors
Members of Lifespace Trust, the Stratford based charity that supports and mentors young people, were delighted to receive a generous cheque from the ladies of Inner Wheel Stratford upon Avon club.  Inner Wheel members have been busy since September 2018 raising funds to support Lifespace.  Rita Booth, President, launched the fundraising efforts with a three generation exhilarating ride down Velocity, the fastest zip wire in the world travelling at speeds of over 120mph with her daughter Debbie and grand-daughter Gina.  Inner Wheel members have held a coffee morning and hosted a fashion show to raise monies. 

Rita explained, “Stratford Inner Wheel has been raising money for local and international charities for over 72 years. We are a friendship Club and get together socially for a variety of activities but are also keen to put our skills to good use to support community organisations. Lifespace is a very special charity with the assistance it provides for young people and we are delighted to have raised enough money this year to sponsor 2 mentors.”
Kate Cocker, Lead Mentor, responded "We are thrilled to receive such a generous donation from Inner Wheel and this will help fund two volunteer mentors for the next year.  They will be supported by a supervisor and receive training which enable them to mentor between 16 – 20 young people aged between 7 – 19 who are suffering from some kind of distress."
17 Jun 2019
Winner: South Warwickshire Volunteer Awards 2019
On Thursday 13th June Lifespace was announced the Winner of the 'Health and Wellbeing Group' at the South Warwickshire Volunteer awards 2019.
David Markham, Trustee with Andrew Deeks and Caroline Markham both volunteer mentors proudly receiving the award.
24 May 2019
Stratford Herald - Marking Mental Health Awareness Week
A CHARITY that supports and young people in Stratford marked Mental Health Awareness Week last week by inviting its 43 volunteers to afternoon tea. Lifespace Trust, which is supported in its work by Stratford Town Trust, provides mentoring for more than 380 local people aged nine to 19 throughout south Warwickshire every year. It is a registered charity and began working with young people locally in 2004, receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2015 for its outstanding contribution to the lives of young people. The charity works with more than 29 schools in the area and aims to reduce stress, build resilience and help young people achieve more. Kate Cocker, lead mentor, who has worked for Lifespace since 2007, said: “Lifespace is fortunate to attract an amazing group of volunteer mentors. They represent people from all ages, come from a wide variety of professions and bring a range of life experiences. “They all however have one thing in common; they care about children and young people, value the opportunity to draw alongside them and support them through difficult times, enabling them to feel valued, confident and more equipped to deal with their lives.” Laurie West, who has been a volunteer mentor for the past two years, added: “I find mentoring is extremely rewarding and have realised that my own wellbeing has improved as a result.” Volunteers are mental health first-aiders, accredited through Mental Health England. They are, therefore, well equipped to recognise and respond appropriately to signs of emotional and mental ill health. If children and young people receive help at the early stages of mental health illness they are more likely to recover fully.
Youth Mental Health First Aid Training for Yr 12's
New Youth Mental Health First Aiders in Alcester Schools!

Here are the newly qualified Youth Mental Health First Aiders from St Benedicts Catholic High School and Alcester Grammar School, proudly displaying their certificates accredited by MHFA England.

All are Year 12 pupils who volunteered to participate in the two day training programme, delivered by Kate Cocker and Jane Neil from Lifespace, and kindly funded by Alcester Town Council as part of their strategy to improve the mental wellbeing of young people in Alcester.

Speaking after the course, Kate Cocker said, ‘We usually train teachers on this programme and it was wonderful to work with such a mature and enthusiastic group of Year12 students. It's so important to give young people information about mental health so they can better understand their own mental wellbeing as well as offer support for friends and family’.

Here are some comments from the young people who attended:

‘I have gained a much greater understanding of how to support someone with poor mental health, and not to be afraid to ask direct questions about it, especially about suicide. I would recommend this course to teachers, parents, carers and peers’

‘I learned what to say and what not to say to people who are in certain situations, plus how common mental illness is. I’d recommend this course to parents definitely .. but also to everyone!’

‘I feel I will be more understanding and can help people when they are struggling. I feel as if everyone should do this as a lot more people suffer with their mental health’

‘I have gained more understanding of mental health and why people have it. Why people self-harm and how to approach someone who is suicidal. Also, how to help people recover from a mental health problem. The course would be useful for people at school, peers and friends as well as teachers so they are more aware and notice, it can prevent judgement’

‘I would recommend this course to everyone, peers, teachers and parents as everyone should be more aware of mental health first aid to reduce the stigma and help those in need’

If you’d like to know more about our accredited Mental Health First Aid courses please contact us
Some examples of how mentoring helps
A sixth form student had low self-esteem and little belief in herself. Her Lifespace mentor spent time unpacking why she felt this way despite being friendly, intelligent and doing well at school. It stemmed from being bullied a few years earlier. Each week her mentor encouraged her about something she had achieved, helping her focus on positive things about herself, rather than negative. Her mentor also helped her prepare for a job interview. She got the part-time job, took on new responsiblities and got to know new people. She blossomed, was earning her own money and was much more confident and happy.

A boy in primary school was experiencing a lot of disruption at home with disputes between older siblings and parents. His Lifespace mentor gave him the time and space to talk and offload his concerns and to understand why his older sister was behaving in the way she was. His self-esteem and self-respect were considerably damaged as he felt guilty that somehow it was his fault. His mentor discussed with him very practical things such as how to sleep better, how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to deal with his frustrations and anger in a positive way and in a way that was agreed at home. He is now more resilient, sleeps better, his behvaiour at school has improved and he has much more peace in his life.

A girl in year 11, with GCSE's looming, found it difficult to control her temper in school and had been excluded on a couple of occasions. Her Lifespace mentor spotted the issues underpinning this behaviour and encouraged her to start believing in herself and her abilities. She began to believe that maybe there was a point to school and that she could pass her exams. They looked at strategies to help her control her anger, she took revision more seriously and set plans and targets. As their sessions came to an end, she thanked her mentor for helping her believe in herself and although she knew she'd left things very late, she'd learned alot about changes she knew she needed to make in her next school/college.


  • "I cannot stress how important the work Lifespace does is: it literally changes all lives for the better and, for many people, is the one place they find solace and support"   Primary School, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • "I've learnt to believe in myself and stick at a task even if it is difficult"   male mentee

    "Accept that flaws don't matter and that I don't need to change to please people"   female mentee
  • "with the cuts in social care and the increase in pupils with complex family circumstances I do not know what we would do without the support of Lifespace"   Special needs school, Warwickshire
  • "Lifespace provide invaluable and irreplaceable support to our young people"   Secondary School, Warwickshire

    "Mentoring has helped me achieve my goals by having someone I could talk to who would listen to me"   female mentee

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